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How Much Does Medical Air Transport Cost?

Medical air transport costs range widely depending on the service you choose. When you choose Paradigm Care, you avoid the expense of air ambulance transports while maintaining the highest quality of care, safety and service. Air ambulances can cost between $40,000 for domestic flights up to $200,000 for long international trips. By contrast, our transports generally range from $4,000 — $22,000. Long, international trips account for the highest end of our range. We use commercial aircraft instead of private and charter flights because they are more cost-effective and safer. Paradigm Care is your cost-­effective alternative to air ambulances.

Paradigm Care Delivers Higher Value

Experience the higher value and customer experience that Paradigm Care delivers. The best nurses choose Paradigm Care for our industry-leading, customer experience training and the joy of working within our company culture. Your travel experience with Paradigm Care is a relief to know that not only will you receive the best medical care, but also that our service guarantees your comfort throughout.

Safety Always

Paradigm Care air medical transport utilizes commercial airlines which are more cost­-effective than private or chartered aircraft. Not only do you save money and receive customized care with Paradigm Care, but you are also measurably safer with Paradigm Care than with air ambulances.

Your Most Confident Decision

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