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Medical Escort

Medical Escort on Commercial Air Is Your Cost-Effective Alternative To Air Ambulance

There’s no place like home. Let’s get you there safely and swiftly so you can focus on your health. Put our Platinum Pledge Process to work for you to make this your most confident healthcare decision. Whether you are injured away from home, traveling for health care options, moving a loved one or want assistance in transport, imagine how it feels to travel with someone who is committed to one revolutionary word: You.

A Unique Human Effort

When every decision begins and ends with your perspective as the priority, your medical transport experience is transformed. That is Paradigm Care’s Platinum Pledge. It is a pledge backed by devoted staff and extensive customer experience training. Unique in the medical air transport industry in this regard, Paradigm Care’s flight nurses embody the Platinum Pledge. In addition to benefiting from our unique human effort, you rest easy knowing our talented and experienced team handles every detail along the way. It all starts with the first contact. We take some basic information from you. Then we take the worry out of your hands.

Communication Is Key

Our team speaks with all your healthcare providers and your family to ascertain the precise nature of your medical escort and orchestrate seamless movement. Every piece of your information is critical so our process ensures we understand not only basic information but also more subtle items that will set your transport experience apart. We personally obtain all information, and deploy our process to clarify, document and confirm it all. We understand how communication errors occur, and how to prevent them so they won’t affect you. Our flight nurses perform pre-flight patient visits well before the departure time to ensure everything is in place and no delays occur. We stay in contact with the case managers, nurses and physicians at both the departure and arrival locations so everyone is connected to our communication hub.

Connecting Families

We also understand your and your family’s need to stay informed. Paradigm Care’s Platinum Pledge includes ensuring you and your family continue to receive detailed updates along the way. For example, not only do we provide a web link so family members can track your flight’s progress from any web-connected device, but they can also track your exact location and movement in real time on their smart phones, tablets and computers. In addition, we provide you and your family with a detailed itinerary for you to reference.

What Happens Behind The Scenes?

Paradigm Care staff problem solves behind the scenes in many ways you may not notice. A brief sample of what we do for a typical medical air transport client patient includes:

• After communicating with your medical providers, we perform a medical evaluation to double check our information and confirm you are ready to fly
• We determine the required medical equipment in addition to maintaining and operating it in accordance with flight physiology safety standards
• We ensure all equipment is approved by each specific airline
• We coordinate with the airline’s medical desks, complete the required paperwork for flight medical clearance and expedite your acceptance as a medical escort airline passenger
• We arrange comfortable ground transportation with proven providers
• We search for, compare and procure optimal flights for your condition including possible international stretcher service
• During flight, we perform physical therapy to prevent swelling and dangerous blood clots like deep vein thrombosis that could cause pulmonary embolism
• We coordinate all details with both departure and arrival facilities including home health providers