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Case Managers Rely on Paradigm Care For Commercial Air Medical Escort

Ensure your patient receives the best transport care by calling Paradigm Care. Instead of spending hours running the logistical labrynth of medical air transport, make Paradigm Care one of your team members in delivering outstanding patient services. We coordinate medical air travel from bedside­-to-­bedside so you do not have to. Knowing everything is taken care of for your transport patient, you can return to doing what you do best while you let us do what we do best.

Is Your Patient a Paradigm Patient?

We care for a wide range of patients with diverse medical conditions including those who require care for:

• Supplemental oxygen and complex respiratory needs
• Intravenous hydration and medication
• Mobility and orthopedic injuries
• Neurological injuries
• Behavioral health
• Full transfers
• Full dependency patients with trouble communicating needs

Get Started Today

Once your patient and family are in agreement with the healthcare team regarding travel and a receiving facility is identified, call Paradigm Care to expedite the transport process. We will provide a quote and assist you in prepping your patient for travel. We can depart in as little as 48­-72 hours from the time of first contact.

For now, prepare your patient by doing the following:

• Oxygen: Consult your respiratory therapy team to begin weaning your patient’s oxygen level to safe air transport levels. Patients with SAO2<95% will require supplemental in­flight oxygen depending on the patient’s baseline and physician recommendations.
• Mobility: Begin acclimatizing your patient to transfers and reclined seating. Your physical therapy team can assist with this and determining that your patient does not suffer compromise when in the seated position. Your patient need not be able to support him or herself as that is part of our transport care.
• IV: Paradigm Care manages IVs, but begin weaning IVs if you can. We do not transport patients who require drips for cardiac stability. Consider changing TPN to D5 or D5/NS.
• Secretions: Paradigm Care manages tracheotomy patients.
• NG/GT/J Tubes: Discontinue tube feedings 8­-10 hours before flight and conduct bowel prep.
• Pain Management: Determine the appropriate pain management regimen for your patient now. Do not wait until the day of departure as we will not try new medications during transport. Paradigm Care administers IV, PO, SQ or IM injections and IV bolus.

What To Expect From Paradigm Care

Unparalleled Service

Smooth Travel

Safety Always

Paradigm Care’s Medical Treatment Plan

We provide care in accordance with the discharging physician’s medical orders using medication dispensed at the sending facility. Our in­flight treatment follows BLS standards.

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