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Committed to One Revolutionary Word: You

Medical Air Transport with a Heart for Service

In a world of me, us and I, we at Paradigm Care are committed to one revolutionary word: You. Your Comfort, Your Family, Your Well-Being. Imagine what it feels like to work with someone who understands the value of You. From the first time you contact us until you are safely home, we as a firm are focused on You. We understand you or your loved one can be experiencing pain, facing uncertainty and burdened by expenses. We understand you have already been through a lot and face more decisions. That is why Paradigm Care provides a customized transport experience like no other — so that this decision is your most confident one.

Personal Touch With A Global Reach

From your first request, our Platinum Pledge Process begins to coordinate every aspect of your safe, comfortable and professional medical transport on commercial airlines. You are freed from navigating the numerous regulations, requirements and logistical details that we are expert at solving. With some basic information from you, we start working while you rest easy knowing every detail is taken care of.

What To Expect from Paradigm Care

When someone understands the value of You, you get:

Unparalleled Service

Smooth Travel

Safety Always

Are you a Paradigm Patient?

We care for a wide variety of patients. Some common Paradigm Care Patients include those who:

• Use oxygen
• Use a mobilization device to help you move around or
• Require full assistance to move
• Use a drainage bag
• Have wound dressings to change
• May experience heart complications like chest pain
• May experience diabetic blood sugar irregularities
• May experience breathing complications like hypoxia
• Require suctioning and humidity needs
• Have a brain or neurological injury
• Have broken bones

Additional common services:
• Medicine supervision
• Dietary supervision
• Mental health/Psychiatric escort
• Behavioral health escort
• I.V. fluid support